The Tom Gaskins Turkey call has been around for a long time. “For more than 50 years, Tom Gaskins’ invention has remained one of the most unique and powerful turkey callers ever made. This call is made from a single piece of wood without any glued parts. Compact sufficient to match in a shirt pocket, these calls are hand-tuned to provide perfect bird sounds.” (Cabelas)My private stories with this caller started over forty years in the past while hunting with my Dad. It become the only name my Dad used and he became a very a success turkey hunter.the decision is a hollow tube type caller and makes use of a timber striker to make the sounds. the call is straightforward to use. Rub chalk on the caller lip and striker earlier than you start and re-chalk approximately each 6 or 7 calls. After having some revel in using the decision, you may be able to inform whilst it desires re-chalking. constantly use a smooth form of chalk.preserve the caller, with the cork cease at the pinnacle, loosely among your thumb and arms of your left hand. This preserve will give the decision a raspy notice, which is what you need for Spring gobblers. Take the striker to your proper hand and stroke it throughout the lip of the caller from left to proper in a rocking movement. This makes the yelp. Use quick short strokes to make clucks. With a touch exercise, you may be making some honestly great turkey communicate with the Tom Gaskins Turkey name. This isn’t always a noisy name, however very powerful, especially on Spring Gobblers. i’ve observed that gobblers will respond to this name once they forget about different calls.if you store the chalk and striker inside the call, it will make plenty of damn noise, so that you’ll need to cut a small piece of material to put interior of the decision to take away the noise. This works remarkable.